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Halabja’s Misfortunate

In April 26th,1974 Halabja was bombed. The bombing left 51 martyrs and tens of other whom were not found. In May 13th, 1987, the people of Halabja, Xurmal, Seerwan, and Saidsaiq made an uprising and revolution. Due to this uprising 80 people left martyrs and many others buried alive. All of the houses in Kani Ashqan neighborhood were bombed.
In the Iraqi High Tribunal court, this incident was recognized as genocide.
Also, in March 16th, 1988, Halabja was confronted with chemical attack that gave the city 5000 martyrs and 10,000 injured. The people became refugees of Iran. And it was left as a disaster up to 1991. Also, this incident was acknowledged by the Iraqi High Tribunal as Genocide.