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Halabja’s Tourism

Due to its geographical status, it has the most touristic sites. And it’s acknowledged by Kurdistan Regional Government and the Government of Iraq. It has 36 touristic places, zalm and ahmad awa, byara, awesar and tawela, rishen and swren mountain, Nawroli places, Sazan, Hawar, and Chawg of Bawakochak. Waterfalls, high mountains, rivers, and wide lands in this place have taken the interest of tourists for this place. Ahmed Awa Resort is one of the most known places within Halabja for tourism. Hawraman has a cool summer and a breathtaking weather. Its cultural differences have interested people for this place. It’s Winter and Snow in one of the reasons of this interest. It has a high significance of four season tourism projects. Annually, 500,000-600,000 tourists visit this area. Plus, about %50 of the tourists are Arabs.

It has also variety of touristic sites: resorts, religious, winter, archeology, and political. Due to the beautiful nature and the wide spread of the touristic places here, national and international television have their utmost attention to this place.

Chawg of Bawakochak

An attractive green picnic area set 5 kilometers east of the Halabja government. This place is characterized by a fresh water spring, orchards, high trees, fabulous site, excellent weather and playground for children.
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Khurmal Mineral Pond

Khurmal is a small historic town some kilometers far away from Halabja government. Abdullah, grandson of the second caliph Alkattab, built the town’s mosque and minaret. There is a mineral pond in Khurmal called ‘Garaw’, which local residents believe has a medicinal cure for some skin diseases.
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