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Halabja’s Hawraman

5000 year BC life was there in Hawraman, people actually lived there. The people of Hawraman, have their own language, Hawrami. They have a specific culture and differences. The place is mountainous. Also, about 450-meter-high above sea level. It has the most nut trees and nut farms and the place is known by nuts. Average annual rainfall in Hawraman is about 8-9—millimeters. Summer and spring here are cool and comfy. Due to its beautiful and different view of its nature, people’s attention is always on the site. It makes a large space of Halabja’s area. 2 districts and 50 villages. It is in Halabja’s North East by 7 kilometers. Hawrami people have their own cultural clothes. They are known for their klash (kind of shoe), Shall clothes, kwlabal (like a jacket), and Labaw (a rug). Even some of their food is unique. The construction of their houses and buildings are some how special. Also its border connected with Iran. Most of Halabja’s tourists visit this place. Women in Hawraman have given their full freedom, the place has the least statuses of violence against women.

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