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Halabja’s History

Since the 28th century, this place have had humans living in it. Oldest remains of life have been found, was in the “Hill of Bakrawa”. People lived around this hill 5000 years ago, and it has about 200 places of residency and remains. According to historical documents, the Ottoman Empire made the district of Halabja official in 1889. In November 24th, 1889, the king Mohammed Pasha was authorized as the first district president. The district’s border of authority was spread through “Khanaqin” and “Sharazur countryside” up to “Arbat”, and from there to “Penjwen” and close to “Jwanro”. The Jaff tribe people have had the most of the process in building and constructing the city. Lady Adela Jaff or “AdilaXan”, was a remarkable and one of the first famous women leaders in the history of Kurdistan. The British entitled her “Khan-Bahadur” and called her “the princess of the brave”. The Jaff tribe authority ended in 1932. Then, Murad Rahmatulla became the first Arab district president of the city. The first school was opened in 1919. Water supply system was established in 1929. Also, the first hospital was founded in 1929. The first police department was established in 1930. And in 1932, first school for girls was opened. In 1934, the first arcade was built. Plus, in 1934 the city roads were constructed. In 1940, electricity was provided. In 1945, girl’s high school was opened. Up to now Halabja has had 57 district presidents and 7 of whom where Arabs. In December 31, 2013, the government of Iraq gave the approval of making Halabja district the 4th governorate of the Kurdistan Region. In march 13th, 2014, the Kurdistan Regional Government made the decision for the governorate. Also, in February 2nd, 2015, the Kurdistan Parliament administrated law code number one. and in June 1st, 2016 the governor and their management have started their authority. The governorate’s border of administration authority consists of a district, 4 sub districts, and154 villages.

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