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The monument was started to construct in 2001, and in September, 15th 2003 it was opened. In the opening, each of the great known officials, former Iraq president, Mr. Jalal Talabani, also former Kurdistan Leader Mr. Masoud Barzanni, Mr. Colin Powell (minister of foreign affairs), Paul Bremer (leading the Coalition Provisional Authority) were present. The design was made by Mr. Jamal Bakir Qassab. Some people think the design is based on the logo of the first annual tribute day of the Chemical Attack on the city in 1989. The logo consisted of 5 human hands as it represented the unity of the associations at that time on the case of Halabja. Its Area is 52 Dunams. The building is spherical in shape. Consisting of 8 parts. The height is 19 meters and 88 centimeters, representing the year of the attack. The sculpture of the photographer broadcasted the incident, Halabja monument administration is linked to the Anfals and martyr’s administration department in government. The Martyrs’ Graveyard is also a part of this monument. Annually, about 100,000-150,000 visitors come to this place. Most of other countries representatives and political convoys visit this place. Its known by the Symbol of Halabja resistance and martyrs.

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